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1991 Steve Klein carves braces for a miniature Acoustic Bass at the Taylor Guitars Facility

1992 Prototype 5-Strings [Built by Steve Klein and Steve Kauffman]

1994 Prototypes for NAMM [4 Built]

1995 AB-1 Bass Knob on Side Top [Early basses had the knobs on the side Top of the instrument, later models were moved where the neck joins the body]

1995 AB-1 [Debuted]

1996 AB-2

1997 AB-3

2002 AB-4

AB-1 Fretless With-out Fret Lines

AB-2 Fretless With Fret Lines

AB-1LH Left-Handed

Custom NAMM Show 2002

Binding AB-2

AB-3 DEBUT IN 1998

[Available in gloss finishes: natural, black, blue, red, amber, purple, green]

AB-3 Red [Tom Petersson]

AB-4 Cherry Sunburst

AB-4 Honey Sunburst

AB-4 Tobacco Sunburst

AB-4 Blue [Dan Schwartz]

2001-2002 Taylor Guitars Finale