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1973 Moon

1973 Alpha & Omega and the Twelve Apostles 12-strings

1973 Kohoutec

1973 Quattro

1974 S-39.6

1974 L-45.7

1975 L-45.7

1976 L-45.7 BLACK ROSE – Rose #1 – ’72-’76 (Custom Built for J. D. Souther)

1976 L-45.7 Oakland-Burndale

1978 L-45.7 I CHING (Custom Built for Joni Mitchell)

1977 L-45.7 CONSTELLATION (Custom Built for Dan Peek)

1977 L-45.7 BUTTERFLY (Custom Built for Joe Walsh)

1977 L-45.7 Cutaway Hidden Heel Design 12-string (Custom Built for Joe Walsh)

1978 S-39.6 DRAGONS Nylon 6 Strings (Custom Built for Jon Mark)

1978 S-39.6 DRAGONS Nylon 12 Strings (Custom Built for Jon Mark)

1979 Klein Studio Models (KSM – L, S and 3)

1980 L-45.7 S-3 Cutaway

1986 L-45.7 S-5 YIN & YANG INLAY

1989 ACOUSTIC HARP GUITAR (Designed for Michael Hedges – Never Built)

1994 L-45.7 Brazilian & Sitka Spruce

1996 L-45.7 PEGASUS INLAY (Steve Miller)

1998 L-45.7 ROSEBUD – Roses #3 (Inlay by Larry Robinson)

1996 L-45.7 MUSHROOMS – Cutaway (RMC Electronics)

1997 L-45.7 ROMANEK/KLEIN 16-strings – Collaboration Between Steve Klein & Tihamer Romanek (Custom Built for Sandor Szabo)

1997 M-43 (Center Round Soundhole)

1997 L-45.7 PINK IVORY BRIDGE – Rose #2

1998 M-43 (Treble-side Upper-bout Oval Soundhole)

1998 M-43 (Center Round Soundhole)

1998 M-43 (Bass-side Upper-bout Oval Soundhole)

2002 L-45.7 BIG THUNDER – ’99-’02 – Inlay by Steve Klein (Custom Built for Howard Gano)

2000 M-43 TP TransPerformance Prototype 1 (Dedicated to the memory of Michael Hedges)

2000 N-36.5C Nylon Strings Cutaway (12 frets to the body)

2000 S-36.5 Nylon Strings (12 frets to the body)

2000 S-39.6 (15 frets to box)

2000 L-45.7 (14 frets to the body)

2000 L-45.7 12-string (14 frets to the body)

2001 DNSS DOUBLENECK 17-strings [Custom Built for Scott Stenten]


2001 OMK-1 (Kiso Series – Designed by Steve Klein, built in Japan)

2001 DKX Prototype (Kiso Series – Designed by Steve Klein, built in Japan)

2002 OMK-3 Persimmon (Kiso Series – Designed by Steve Klein, built in Japan)

2003 L-42.6 Deco 426 Series 1 of 5 (Total of 5 built in this series)

2003 M-43 CUTAWAY (Round Center Soundhole)

2004 L-42.6 IVORY BRIDGE 12-string (Deco 426 Series)

2004 M-43 IVORY BRIDGE 6-string

2004 S-39.6 OMK TP (TransPerformance Prototype 2)

2010 L-45.7 PINK IVORY MOON (Assembled by Jason Harshbarger)

2010 L-45.7 FERN & COPPER FRETBOARD INLAY 12-string (Assembled by Jason Harshbarger)

2010 S-39.6 NARROW HEADSTOCK (Assembled by Jason Harshbarger)

2010 L-457.110 LEONARDO DA VINCI -’10-’15 (Collaboration between Klein/Kauffman/Robinson/Hergert)

2014 M-426.111 DECO MODEL (Redwood & Spalted Maple)

2014 L-457.111 Curly Walnut b&s, Sitka Spruce top.

2015 L-457.112 MULTISCALE 26 1/4  25 1/8 Blackwood b&s, Redwood top, East Indian Rosewood neck

2015 M-426.113 OREGON TRIBUTE GUITAR Myrtlewood back & sides, Port Orford Cedar top and neck, Ebony fretboard, Holly wood binding, Brazilian Rosewood bridge. This instrument was built from all local woods from Oregon.


2016 L-457.114 THE LAST SNOW FLAKE “Landscape” Brazilian Rosewood b&s, “Bear Claw” Sitka Spruce top.

2016 L-457.115 MULTI-SCALE Brazilian Rosewood b&s, Redwood top, Inlay by Larry Robinson.

2016 M-426.116 FLORAL WOODSTOCK SHOW, “Vertical Grain” Brazilian Rosewood b&s, Sitka Spruce top, Inlay by Larry Robinson.

2016 L-457.117 FIBONACCI “PROTOTYPE” MUlTI-SCALE 7-strings, Myrtlewood b&s and Guatemalan Rosewood center-strip, Port Orford Cedar neck with fretboard, bridge and binding, Sinker Redwood top, Inlay by Steve Klein. Run of only 7 to commemorate Steve Klein’s 50 Anniversary!!!

2016 L-457.118 MULTI-SCALE Brazilian Rosewood b&s, neck and bridge, Ebony fretboard, Elgelmann Sitka Spruce top